Tyres and related services; your questions answered:

Q. When should I have my tyres changed on my car

a When the wear indicator appears on the tread, the tyre needs replacing. The minimum legal depth is 1.6mm across the centre of the tread. We recommend changing your tyres when they reach 2mm.

Q. Why, when and how should I check my tyre pressure

a Correct tyre pressure is a key factor in ensuring safety, long tyre life and healthy fuel consumption. Ideally the pressures should be checked when your tyres are cold. Please refer to the manufacturers recommended tyre pressures for your vehicle

Q. How can I tell if my car has faulty brakes

a Veering
If your car veers to one side when braking then there could be an imbalance in the braking system and you should have your brakes checked at your local Colin’s centre as soon as possible. You should also check that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.

Excessive pedal movement
If the movement of the pedal is excessive this could indicate a loss of brake fluid, or a mechanical defect such as loose or worn bearings.

Spongy brake pedal
If the brake pedal is spongy to the touch, this could indicate the presence of air or water in the braking system. It could also indicate a mechanical defect.

Brakes feel jerky
If braking is jerky and the steering wheel starts to vibrate when braking, this may be due to wear on the brake discs.

Grinding or squealing noise
A grinding or squealing noise could indicate any of the following problems with your car’s braking system: worn brake pads, rust on the brake disc, missing or incorrectly fitted anti squeal shims

More FAQ’s

Q. What is ABS

a ABS is a system for electronically regulating the power of the brakes to each wheel, preventing wheel lock and loss of control in emergency. Fundamentally it allows the driver to retain the ability to steer. It will NOT however reduce the overall braking distance.

Q. Why should I replace shock absorbers in pairs

a Shock absorbers should always be replaced in pairs in order to match the characteristics between each side of the suspension. Unmatched shock absorbers can actually worsen ride and handling problems and make control of the vehicle difficult.

Q. How do I know my exhaust is faulty

a You should have your exhaust checked at least once a year regardless of whether you think it is faulty or not. If you notice any irregular sounds or rattling between checks then pop into your local Colin’s Centre.

A knocking noise is likely to be caused by a loose fitting. Colin’s can replace this fixing component; this is relatively inexpensive.
Rasping or blowing noises may mean that part or all of the system need replacing. We regularly check our exhaust prices to ensure they are competitive.

Exhausts are made up of a number of parts. It is likely that only 1 or 2 parts of the system will need replacing at any one time. Colin’s can replace individual parts or the full system depending on what is required.

Q. What is the role of an oil filter

a The oil filters role is to filter and eliminate the particles and impurities suspended in the oil so as to reduce engine wear. With new filters your engine produces lower pollution.

Q. How do I maintain the battery

a Virtually all car batteries sold in the UK are now maintenance free and should need no day to day maintenance. However, if for any reason you need to top up the electrolyte, always use distilled water. NEVER use acid for this purpose. Looked after properly, your battery will last about 5 years before it needs replacing.

Q. What do I do with a used battery

a Batteries contain elements that are both corrosive and highly toxic. Scrap batteries must be disposed of via authorised Waste Treatment Centres. Colin’s will be pleased to arrange this for you.


All Colin's MoT's are approved by the Government appointed (VOSA)


All Colin's MoT's are approved by the Government appointed Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and all MoT tests are completed by MoT testers nominated by VOSA.

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